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The only thing I like more than making a new journal

is having a username that takes forever to type

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I've been around livejournal (and now dreamwidth) for years. I've had several different accounts under several different names, but now I've set up shop with a "pen name" account that my family can access. I don't plan to lock any posts, but I'll return subscription and/or access gestures from just about anyone who offers them.

I'd love to be in touch with people who write original fiction and/or read. Or write thought-provoking things. Or silly things. Being relatively close to my age (40) is preferable (for both of our sakes), but all I insist on is that any new DW friends I make be over 21. My journal will be very tame, and all public, but the idea of having full access to underage people's journals makes me uncomfortable. Unless you are an avid fiction reader and/or writer and enjoy journal discussions about those topics, the gap in our ages will very likely get in our way unless you're at least in your twenties. Other than the age stipulation, I'm very open to meeting new people. Check out my interests and my (admittedly limited) journal posts, and just jump in and start "talking" to me if you'd like.

***This account was meant to be my "pen name" account, but life has temporarily derailed me and I've barely been online. Apologies to my friends list. I do love this account, but lately just haven't had any time for social sites.

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I reserve the right to delete any material from this journal at any time, regardless of author. I don't forsee any problems, but I'd like to make that aspect of participation in my journal clear...just in case.
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